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All of us are not only familiar with hypnosis, we have experienced it.  You have been in an hypnotic trance when you’ve driven for ten or twenty miles and can’t recall any of it.  Meditation is self induced hypnosis with a spiritual goal that allows you to reach far beyond your normal capabilities.  Inventors reach this stage simply by thought (mind) absorption.  Writers reach this stage by plot absorption.  When the mind has become totally absorbed in anything, that’s a form of meditation.


Meditation can be used for just about anything.  Focusing on a dot until we become ‘at one with it’ is (for my money) a complete waste of time, but it is meditation.  Meditating on spiritual questions in order to receive answers is what I most often use it for. 

My first use of meditation was to quit smoking, and that was in 1970, so I've been doing it a long time. 

But, it wasn't until about 1986 that I first used it to heal myself of skin cancer.


For me, all meditation begins with prayer and is prayer.  Therefore, we are going to begin with prayer; your prayer, not mine.  I can’t tell you how to pray, or what to say.  If you've never prayed, or if you’re out of practice and don’t know how to begin, it’s really not that hard.  Just aim your thoughts or words at that which is beyond you, greater than you, and that you don’t comprehend, and say exactly what it is that you desire. Always ask for divine help and guidance in doing it.  It’s that simple.  There is no need to speak formally or in the King James’ English.  Instead, talk sincerely, saying something to the effect, “I don’t know what I’m doing, but help me do it anyway.”  

The Technique

The traditional pose associated with meditation is called the Lotus position.  In this position you sit with your right foot on your left knee, your left foot on your right knee, and a grimace of pain on your face (if you’re like me).  You may find this position virtually impossible—especially if you're heavy framed or overweight.  The most important thing is this:  be comfortable and relaxed.  Only use the lotus position if you really feel comfortable with it and you can sit that way for at least twenty minutes.

Find a place to relax­—your favorite chair, the floor, a nice sofa, a firm bed, or any other place where you can relax.  How or where you’re comfortable isn’t nearly as important as just being that way.  Avoid tight clothing and take your shoes and socks off if you can.  (If you can’t, it’s OK).

Put your worries out of your mind.  Don’t be concerned about your kids, your work, your wife, your husband, your illness, or even this meditation.  For the next twenty or thirty minutes just kick back and relax. More than that is too much, especially in the beginning.

There is one no-no.  Do not cross your arms or legs.  Crossing your arms and legs is a way of outwardly expressing an inner rejection. When we meditate or pray with crossed arms, we literally rejecting any possibility of help. 

All meditation begins by deep breathing exercises.  Therefore we begin by inhaling deeply through the nose while counting to four at approximately one-second intervals.  (One and two and three, etc.)  As your lungs fill with air, visualize your breath passing through your nose and into your lungs, then from your lungs into your body.  (If you're not good at visualization, keep practicing; it comes.) (Abdomen) (Long break here)

Once you reach four, exhale slowly and completely through your mouth as you count to ten.  Repeat this process at least four times (more is better).  However, due to an increase of oxygen to the brain, you may feel dizzy or light headed—especially if you don’t exercise much.   If this is the case, stop after the fourth time. 

As you breathe, feel the essence of the Divine flowing through your body.  

Direct your attention to your feet and will them to relax.  As you do so, feel the tension withdrawing.  While focusing on your feet, visualize a white, glowing, energy field completely surrounding them.  Feel the revitalizing power from this energy penetrating your feet.  Your feet may even begin to tingle as they are restored, energized and renewed.

Continue to visualize this light-energy as it slowly grows larger until it covers your ankles and shins as well as your feet.  Feel the revitalizing energy radiating from the light as it penetrates the body.  It is both invigorating and relaxing at the same time.  As your ankles relax, feel your muscles ease their tension.

(The purpose of the white light is to shield you from external sources of negativity, such as the negative thoughts of others around you…and believe me, you will and can feel them.)

Allow the light to increase as you slowly guide it up your body to your calves, then to your knees, and on past your thighs.  As you do so, focus on each portion of your body as the light slowly continues to move upward. 

Remember to breathe slowly and regularly in a relaxed manner as you continue to make each muscle relax.  Do this while continuing to guide the light upward until it eventually covers each part of your body, including your hips, stomach, chest, back,  shoulders, arms, hands, neck and finally your head and mind.  You feel fully aware and protected, totally enclosed in a veil of white, energizing light...feel—and sense—peace.

Though you are relaxed in this white light, you need to become even more still, more focused and more relaxed.  Do this by slowly counting to three.  As you count, tell yourself that, with each successive number, you are going deeper and deeper into the quiet zone within.  Allow nothing other than an emergency to disturb you.  As you count, feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed.

Once you are relaxed, it is time to start focusing on the affected part of your body.


You have begun the process of change, and your life will never be quite the same again.  You have only just discovered the wonderful possibilities available to the mind, body and soul in its relationship with the Divine essence that fills the universe.  You have reached the wonderful doors to a happier, healthier and more prosperous life.  You have but to open them and step through.

After twenty or thirty minutes it's time to finish.  You do this by counting slowly from one to five.  With each successive number you feel yourself becoming more awake and alert to your surroundings.  You have discovered a new phase, a new aspect of life.

When you become aware of the time to return, tell yourself that the healing process begun here will continue nonstop.

Now that you have begun, continue to do this every day until you have accomplished what needs to be done.  Twice a day is better, and if the need is severe enough, even more.

One .  .  . two .  .  . three .  .  . four .  .  . five .  .  .