Universal Glue



I do not believe that God makes junk that he has to destroy—because, as it says in Revelation, “I am the Alpha and the Omega,” meaning the beginning and the end.  That’s why when an earthquake hit Los Angeles a number of year ago, causing bridges, overpasses and buildings to collapse, I wondered how this could be.  Many people were made homeless due to collapsed houses.  Such a catastrophe and so close to home…the USA.

Because we had carved a nation out of a wilderness (at the expense of the Indians) and became the mightiest and most prosperous nation on earth, most of us grew up believing that America was a nation blessed by God.  So this catastrophe was hurtful to our (or an least ‘my’) belief system.

At that time many preachers began berating L.A., saying that the reason it was demolished was due to its sinfulness.  Same words, but different arena, that Pat Robertson had used when Haiti had been so recently struck.

Anyway, it bothered me…not what the preachers were saying, but why it happened?  You see, I believe in a loving God; a God who cares.  What I don’t believe in is a vengeful God; a God who destroys because people make Him angry.  So, I prayed and asked, “Why?” 

I had immediately had vision.

A vision is a similar to a dream, but differs in scope. In a vision you are both awake and aware, but viewing events far away that actually are, have or will occur.  It is a mental vision that comes a complete understanding of what it means. Many visions—perhaps most—cannot fully be explained.

In my vision it was as though I were immediately transported to Los Angeles; I was as floating above the city, but from that vantage point where I was able to see all of L.A., including the surrounding areas.  Above L.A. there were two colors; one was a light blue, alive and vibrant, while the other was an ominous black. 

My understanding was that the blue represented that areas where the Spirit of God was active in people; the black indicated the absence of God due to the absence of Godly people.  Sadly, there was far more of the black than there was of the blue.  But, there were intense and fairly large pockets of blue.

The meaning was that God does not wantonly destroy, but in those areas where God is not, things fall apart—crumble, for lack of a better word.  (and this gets pretty esoteric, so hang in there):

The being most of the world refers to as ‘God’ resides at the center of all things.  He cannot be seen with human eyes, nor can He be proved by science.  He just is.  And, because is, all things both exist and live because of the His reality.  God’s essence emanates trillions upon trillions of miles into space and is in everything that is.  God is the source and at the center of all things—suns, moons, dark holes, everything.  If it exists, God is responsible.

Now lets bring into the mix living creatures, some of which are a little higher than others because they have volition (free will); they can decide things for themselves.  Here’s how that works, briefly:

a.      The lion lives off the gazelle; it has no choice.  Out of self-preservation, he gazelle fears the lion; it lives off grass and other vegetation. It has no choice.

b.      Everything that exists, exists to serve something else and has no mind or thought of why or how…it just does.  The moon serves the earth by being a counter-balance to the sun, as well as in many other ways.  The sun serves the earth. The grass serves the gazelle. The earth serves the grass.  All things exist to serve.  Anything existing without serving becomes extinct: think of dinosaurs; adapt, serve or die.

c.      Unlike everything mentioned above, men and women have volition; we can think and plan.  In other words, we can make choices.  However, like the lion, the gazelle, the grass, even the shark in the ocean, our purpose is to serve.  We have a mission, which is to:

                                           i.      Survive.

                                           ii.      Connect with the First Source and Center of all things.

                                           iii.      Have families and learn to love; first family, then God, then others.

                                           iv.      Serve and preserve.

That’s it in a nutshell.

When this doesn’t happens we lose our connectivity with the Divine Creator Force.  Essentially it’s connect or die.  Connect or become extinct. We connect by recognizing there is more to life than what we see or experience; by recognizing that there is an infinite upholder normally called God. (See footnote) Then we reach out and try to connect, usually in the form of prayer, but other ways are also used, such as appeasement through sacrifice.

When, by our own free will, we choose to ignore the Creator Force, then the Force withdraws from us.  When that happens, we're on our own.

The United States has become a self-centered society.  We think primarily of our own self and those important to us, which is contrary to the reason for our existence, which is to serve.  When we become self-centered and use other people to our benefit then the Creator withdraws from us. We have become putrid and unpleasant to be around or near.  Think of a bad odor…we move away from skunks. The plain truth is, selfishness stinks.

The essence of the Creator is the glue that binds everything together.  When there are high concentrations of non-caring people; people who think primarily of themselves or how they can use others for their benefit, this withdrawal of the Creator is huge.  Huge enough that the world begins to crumble.

There's a simple reason for this; we have been created to work in the grand universe as God's "hands-on" helpers.  Only certain people can do this—those whose goal it is to be of service; to help whenever possible. 


Addendum: I first wrote this fifteen or twenty years ago during a time when global warming and severe weather and fire dangers weren't so extreme.  Today, as people become even more withdrawn from God, the extremes are becoming even more prevalent. 


Footnote: The term "God" is a carryover from ancient and prehistoric times and not what He prefers to be called. He thinks of us as His children and prefers to be called, Father, Papa, or Abba.