Self Healing, continued...


 “. . . I tell you solemnly,  if your faith were the size of a mustard seed you could say to this mountain, ‘move from here to there,’ and it would move; nothing would be impossible for you.”


NJB, Mt. 17:20

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    All self healing is a case of mind over matter. This is what Jesus meant when He said in the inset to the right, that if you truly believe you can do something—anything—you can.  Why? Because the mind rules all aspects of our life. Whether you will the disease out of existence, whether you love it out of existence, or whether you visualize it being destroyed by your own natural resources, is completely irrelevant as long as you know that you can do it.  Belief¾steel will¾is unbeatable.  Especially when coupled with prayer.  But that steel will is impossible to find unless you first have a sincere desire to be well.

    In order for a healing to take place, someone has to be in control.  Most of us surrender our control to a doctor.  And even though most doctors are very good, they’re not omnipotent.  Nor do they walk in our shoes; they're not dealing with our pain or our anxiet.  Plus, the plain truth is that they are so overwhelmed with patients that only the most dire cases truly get their attention.  Anyway, when my elbow began to bother me I was obviously lacking control, which left me with three options:

1     Let the disease remain in control

2     Let a doctor take control,

3     I could take control.

    I decided to assume control.

    All it takes to assume control is a sincere desire to be well.  Once that desire is present, the healing will take place.  There are many spiritual reasons for this, but you do not have to be a spiritual person to heal yourself.  You must simply desire, believe and insist it happen.

    Though we never think of it this way, all life is an exercise in desire and belief.  The universe has been set up to give us whatever it is we desire.  Our desires are controlled by our beliefs and our feelings of worthiness.  Therefore, our every decision is controlled by those two factors.  Ultimately, this means that whatever our status in life is the result of decisions we make.  Every decision is made out of our sense of worthiness.  We aspire to our sense of self worth.

    That’s because all life is lived in the arena of the mind.  The body simply reflects our decisions.  Every time we make a decision we are exercising a mental option that will change our life¾no matter how minutely.  The way we think¾what we desire and think we’re worthy of—has created who we are, what we are and where we are. 

    The fact that our lives are a result of our thoughts and decisions means that healing can be done by using the mind.  You don’t even have to believe, you simply have to desire and be insistent in this desire.  Whenever we sincerely desire anything, the universe moves to give it to us.  Sincere desire can result in miracles.

    Though I do not believe in reincarnation, I do believe in karma.  Everything we do, every thought we make, is going to haunt us.  It will either

1.   bless us, or

2.   bite us in the butt.

    Many diseases are an example of karma, because they are the result of bad choices.  Heart attacks and strokes, for example, are the result of eating the wrong foods and living a stressful life¾both of which have been choices.  This is just as true even if we don’t know any better.  Physics states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.  In life, the opposite is true: every action has an equal and similar reaction.  Eat foods that are bad for you, reap the results.  Live a stressed out life, reap the results.  Think negative thoughts, reap the results.  It cannot be avoided.

    There are three ways to accomplish a miraculous self healing:

1.    Desire.

2.    Mind over matter utilizing focused thought.

3.    Spiritual devotions such as prayer.

    By itself, desire is enough.  Without desire, 2. and 3. are ineffective.  Personal desire must be present for any type of healing to take place.  The whole world can be praying for you to get well, but if you do not desire it, nothing will happen.  Your will (desire) is supreme in your life.

    Both mind over matter and spiritual devotion are stronger by using meditation.  Mind over matter (MOM) healing is accomplished by doing two things:  Visualization and focused thought.  Effective prayer is prayer in direct communication with the Supreme.  Both are best accomplished through using meditation.

    The chapter on meditation teaches a simple technique.  First, however, we must study using to other aspects of the mind:  visualization and focused thought.
Step One



    At one time or another all of us have had a vision of ourselves that we would like to accomplish.  Our visions are responsible for the goals we have achieved, as well as our status in life.

    This is not mystical.  Whatever we envision we create.  This is because our visions make us take the necessary steps that will cause it to happen.  We don’t accidentally become doctors.  We first see ourselves as doctors and then take the steps that lead to that end.  We do not become medical doctors while trying real hard to become carpenters.

    It is this vision of life that drives one person to the presidency, leads another into the ministry and causes yet another to be homeless.  All of us have a ‘self’ vision:  we see ourselves as being prosperous, poor, healthy, ill, lucky, unlucky, honest, dishonest, old, young, etc.  We relate to the world through our image of it and ourselves.  Our view has created the habits that make it hard to change, even when we’re not satisfied. 

    This vision of life is usually unconscious.  It starts when we are young children.  It is fashioned and shaped by our parents, their status in life, combined with the actions and reactions of our friends, neighbors and associates.  It grows as we grow and changes as we change.

    When we’re young this vision determines what we strive for.   When we’re older this vision is what we’ve become.

    Nothing is created without a vision.  No building gets built, no ditch gets dug, no cow gets milked.  Everything requires a plan, however minor.  Sometimes the plan has to be altered due to circumstances, but as long as the dream (vision) persists, as long as the plans are laid, the creation will eventuate.  The first person to dream of space flight didn’t create the space ship.  But his talking about it, the vision he saw, he passed on.  And, so, the dream persisted in the minds of a growing few until, bam, there it was:  a flag planted on the moon.

    Self healing occurs in the same manner.  We have a vision of wellness, plans are made and the steps taken to augment those plans.  Since this is a new undertaking, the process must be consciously laid out.  Basically, it involves two steps, beginning with meditation.  In meditation, we locate and look at the source of our problem.  In step two, we correct the problem.  We do that by visualizing ourselves well, healthy and without the disease.

    Meditation is used because it is the way focus thoughts.  Once you’ve reached a relaxed state in meditation, the next phase is seeing the problem in your mind. You want to get a mental picture of what is happening in your body at the problem area.  This image may vary from seeing the actual inflamed bone, the roots of a wart, an enlarged tumor, etc., to seeing ‘lightening sparks’ or darkness around the area.  Whatever your vision or image you mind presents you with is the one you have to work with. 

    Once you have an image, the next step is correcting it.  For example, I saw an inflamed and swollen joint with the problem I had with my elbow.  To make it quit hurting, I washed the area with blood by “willing” blood into that area.  How did I “will” the blood to go there?  By simply saying that is what I wanted to do.

    Your mind and body will work together to do the same thing. Remember that it is your body.  You are the captain.  What you say, goes.  But you must say something and be consistent about it.  Whatever part of your body your attention is focused on, activity will increase there.[1]

    This is terribly important, so let me amplify a little.  Everyone I’ve ever known with cancer had it for quite a while before going to the doctor.  Once the cancer was diagnosed, they immediately went down hill. 


    Prior to the diagnosis, the immune system was hard at work fighting off the disease.  Because “cancer” always brings dread, the prognosis made them recoil in fear.  Fear is a killer.

Heroes are those who face up to an enemy and defeat him.  At least on battle fronts the enemy is known.  When facing the unknown, even heroes shrink with fear and dread.  Cancer, as well as many other diseases, strikes fear in our hearts.  They are the unseen and unknown enemy.  We don’t understand them.  We don’t understand what’s happening to us.  We feel numb, helpless and hopeless. 

The natural tendency is to avoid that which we fear.  When we fear, we recoil.  We’re worried we’re going to die.  In effect, our fear is erecting a barbed wire fence and posting “No Trespassing” signs all around our disease.  Our fear makes us so helpless, it actually prevents our body’s natural defenses from going back to fight.

    When we recoil in fear, our attention is either directed away from the disease, or we actually strengthen it with negative thoughts, such as “This is it!  I’m going to die.”

    This is a time when we want someone else to be responsible.  So, we let a doctor take over for us.  With this decision, however, the body stops fighting, which allows the disease to take over. 

    Don’t misconstrue what I’m saying here.  The body’s natural resources won’t always win, but, they always help.  If the problem is severe, as it is with cancer and arthritis, they may only slow down and deter.  They may only resist.  Unless, that is, you make a conscious effort to defeat the problem.  This can only be done through grit, determination, guidance and focused thought.

    What looks like miraculous cures are the result of the patient refusing to give in. They not only refused to give in, they made up their mind that they would be well.

    Your body is waiting for the instructions to begin.  Because the mind and the body work together in harmony, once you’ve started you will know what to do intuitively. 

    In a nut shell: face the problem squarely.  Admit what is wrong.  See it in your mind.  Then will it back to good health.  Visualize it dissipating and disappearing.  Visualize this happening, and it will.



Step two:


Focused Thought


    All self healing is done with thought focused on the problem.  Focused thought is different than the kind we usually do.  Because we’re not used to it, can be tiring.  Most thinking is random.  It involves a non-directional focus, leaving our minds free in search of something to land on.  Most of the day our minds flit from one thing to another without direction, intent or aim.

Broad beam light

Accomplishing anything, be it drawing a blueprint, tailoring a dress, or planning a trip, requires at least a little focused thought.  Focusing thought is like narrowing the beam on a flashlight.  A broad beam flashlight lights up a large area, but nothing is seen very clearly. 


    A narrow beam flashlight lights a narrower area, is more intense, less scattered and much brighter.  However, it doesn’t illuminate as much.  What it does shine on, though, is seen much more clearly.




    Through old studies of light, we learned that a beam spread out and dissipated as it hit particles of dust.  Researchers theorized that if light could be concentrated so it didn’t spread out it could be used for many things.

Laser Beam

    It is this laser beam type of mind focus that we aim for in self healing.

    To heal yourself you need to focus your mind like a laser, your thoughts becoming so concentrated that all else disappears, leaving only the object of your attention.  To understand this, think about a time when you’ve become so engrossed in a good book that all else disappeared, that’s the frame of mind you aim for in healing meditation.

    Here are the steps: locate the problem.  Where is it?  What does it look like?  Plan a strategy by thinking, “How do I get rid of it?”  Once you’ve made this determination, the next step is to focus on the problem area and literally either will it out of existence, or will it back to normalcy.

        In order to heal my arm, I examined the entire area in my mind. Then I narrowed my “mind-beam” and focused only on my elbow, not my entire arm.

    Whatever your ailment, narrow your thoughts so they focus only on that.  Keep at it every day until the problem is resolved.   


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