I once asked a Ouija board the question, “Do I understand God and religion?”  It was somewhere around 1968, I was still in the navy and had not yet turned thirty.  The answer from a “spirit” named Zoe was, “Not exactly.” 

She was being kind.

At that time I was a young Roman Catholic who thought he knew everything that mattered about God and religion.  Then the Catholic Church made sweeping reforms that changed my life and my belief system forever. 


Because I had been taught that the Church was infallible and that the pope was the voice of God.  In fact, he was supposed to be Jesus on earth and that what he said was as though it came from God.  Suddenly, everything I had been taught to believe and obey were changed, like not eating meat on Friday.  “Why,” I wondered.  If it was a sin last week, it should still be a sin this week.  Was God wishy-washy, I wondered?  Does He waiver back and forth? Does He change the rules as He goes along?

I didn’t think so, and that angered me.  Because if God was infallible, as I believed he was, then the pope was not the voice of God.  It was this type of thinking, along with some unpleasant experiences that I had with a couple of priests, that made me realize that not all was right with Catholicism. 

Prior to this I had never questioned my faith.  Now I was.

This combination of things started me seeking answers to questions I hadn’t even formulated yet.  The only belief I felt sure of anymore was that there was a God. 

If there was, I wanted to find him.  That’s how my earnest searching began.  And as a result, I started looking for the “right” religion.  This got me horribly confused.  Then I began seeking for the “real” God rather than the “right” religion. This book is a result of that search.  Did I find him?

I believe so.  In fact, I believe we all have.  We just don’t realize it. 

When I started this book I had no idea where it was going or what it was going to be about.  I had some vague recognition of a thing I called the “Kindred Spirit Connection.”  So, undaunted by ignorance, and unhampered by knowledge, I started writing the “One Great Truth.”  I knew I would become hailed as a “Great Thinker” and “a Man Ahead Of His Time.”

Ah, such bliss is ignorance.

So, with no particular direction in mind (other than to be brilliant), I ended up with a book of conclusions drawn primarily from my own walk with God.  Often to the frustration of God, I’m sure.

The stories I tell are all true.  However, the conclusions I have arrived at are mine.  You’ll have to reach your own conclusions.  If the book speaks to you, I hope that it expands your universal concepts by demonstrating the nearness of God and His interaction with all of his children, meaning






Lloyd (Buck) Tohill