The Kindred Spirit Connection
Striving to understand

Last update: 1/30/2024 

Narrated Miracle Stories (Videos)

If you’ve ever experienced anything in your life that you can't explain, you've probably experienced a miracle, which is what’s what this page is all about: the inexplicable.  These things happen and they are very real.  But why?  And why so seldom?

This page is dedicated to the fact that the miraculous happens.  Most of the time we are unaware of them because they're unexpected, and then when they do happen, we are afraid of them...we simply can't comprehend what happened.  I learned that when I drowned. When I didn’t understand what had happened, I told no one…my own little secret.

The following stories are true.  I know they are because they happened to me. They happen to many people, but most of the time we ignore them—primarily because we can’t explain them.

One other thing: I would love to hear your personal story and, (only) if you'd like, to retell it here. 

Let the tales begin...


1.     Gone Fishin': This is about my very first intuitive dream.

2.     East Ridge Mall : This is a story of depression and a desire to commit suicide and what happened.

3.     Gone Fishin' 2:  Not even similar to the first story above. This time I'm an adult in the navy stationed at Keflavick, Iceland.

4.     A dream about a church. This is not a miracle story as we think of them. It is a prophetic dream of a new spiritual awakening that is going to take place in the world; a place where the church becomes an actual place of worship for all ethnicities and faiths.  

5.     A Car Miracle: This is about driving to work in the fog and what happened.

6.     A Day at the Beach: This is not your normal, sunny day lazing at the beach:had I known I would have stayed home.

7.     Gold: I've always been impulsive and acted without thinking.  This was one of those times.

8.     Accident Zone: A very short story (3mins) about the extra help we get:even when we're not being smart:if we will only listen.

9.     Mom: My mom needed help and this is how it came about.

10.  Charlie: A continuation of what the human mind is capable of.

11.  Paint: This is a story on the order of water into wine.  There are two unintentional errors: (1) We were staying in my mother-in-law's garage and (2) the Williamsburg Townhouse were/are in Norfolk, VA, not VA Beach.

12.  Self Healing: This is a narrative on how I managed to heal both skin cancer and crippling arthritis using self-hypnosis. Mind over matter?

13.  Dancing Leaves: Most of the miracles that we experience occur for a reason.  I can think of no reason for this other than God was happy.  If you can explain it, please let me know.

14.  Carol: This is about a delightful woman named Carol Anderson.  She had been a church organist all her life.  I was with her at the end of her days when she asked me, "Do you seen the angels at the foot of the bed?"  This is that story.

15.  Demon Attack: This is a true story of what happened when a girl I was giving music lessons to asked me afterwards, "Does baptism protect you from demon possession?"

16.  UFO: This is not a miracle story.  It is a true story of when I was a young sailor stationed at the USNAVALRADIOSTATION, Imperial Beach, CA.  Don't try and tell me we're alone in the universe.

17.  Stanley: Demon Attack (2) This is about the first time I ever faced (figuratively) up to a demon. It was not fun.

18.  Demon Attack (3): When you're in God's class, you get taught.  Some of the lessons are no fun.

19.  Grapeseed: The Kindred Spirit Connection.  When good things happen because they're supposed to, and just when you need them.

20. Angel Choir : I'm playing my guitar when suddenly voices are singing with me:and there was no one visible. (I've also heard this has also happened to others.)

21.  Farley: Voices that direct.  I ramble, but I do tell a story.

22. A Miracle at Lakeview (OR)  After traveling many miles we arrived at Lakeview, pooped.  The car was accidentally locked with keys inside.  What happed next was truly a miraculous event. 

23. A Voice in the Mind: A follow-up to the Lakeview story where I explain a statement I made about always following the voice in my mind.

24. Training: It's what I was trained are you if you will just allow it. (Sorry, I haven't told it yet.)

25. The Story of the Ring. A supernatural event demonstrating on of the ways in which the KSC works.

26. The Story of Bruce This is a story of a laying on of hands healing, including an observation.

27.  Ed Spry Is mental telepathy real?  You betcha!